China C Type Visa


China Immigration is strictly enforcing their regulations and inspection concerning foreign corporate jets. To avoid complications,

  • Please make sure that all crew members must secure valid crew visa (category C) prior to arrival in China. Passenger must also secure valid visa (any type of visa except category C).
  • Both the operator and his agent shall be guilty of an offence and will be liable to a heavy fine if any crew or passengers are found without visa or holding invalid visa on arrival.
  • The one who has no valid visa might be deported or even be detained.
  • If the operator or his agent fails to provide the accurate documented information, it shall be imposed a fine of CNY10,000 or up to CNY30,000.
  • China Immigration requires that these documents be submitted in advance of the proposed flights and kept on file.
  • The detailed information of crew and passengers on the General Declaration shall be exactly the same with their valid passports or travel documents.

-        Do NOT open the cabin door on international arrivals until you get a gesture from the ground staff as it is required to be observed and permitted by Immigration officers.

-        Visa on arrival is not available at ZBAA, but crew without visa can stay at ZBAA less than 24hours. Crew can stay at the hotel in transit area.

-        For ZSHC, Visa on arrival is not available at ZSHC, but crew without visa can stay in the A/C less than 24hours.

-        In case Crew (F/As) have a Tourist Visa, they can be declared as pax and can leave to airport Hotel

-        Regarding ZBAA parking restriction. Starting from 2014-06-01 / 0000LT, NON-ZBAA-based operators’ business jets are only allowed to park at ZBAA airport less than 48 hours. In this case, if your flight to ZBAA need to stay up to/more than 48hours, please kindly plan your schedule for positioning to ZBTJ, ZBSJ, ZYTL in advance.

  • This regulation doesn’t apply to government flights and ambulance flights.


  • ZYHB Taiping Airport

E1822/14 - AD CLSD DUE TO WIP. 1700-2315 DLY, 03 MAY 17:00 2014 UNTIL 31 JUL 23:15 2014 ESTIMATED. CREATED: 03 MAY 08:24 2014

  • ZGSZ Baoan Airport

F1919/14 - RWY15/33 CLSD DUE TO WIP. RWY15/33 AVBL FOR TAXIING. 1800-2300 EVERY SUN TUE THU SAT, 13 MAY 18:00 2014 UNTIL 30 DEC 23:00 2014. CREATED: 12 MAY 00:03 2014

F1908/14 - RWY16/34 CLSD DUE TO MAINT. 2000-2300 EVERY SUN, 18 MAY 20:00 2014 UNTIL 28 DEC 23:00 2014. CREATED: 11 MAY 11:44 2014

  • ZWWW Diwopu Airport

E1886/14 - RWY07/25 CLSD DUE TO MAINT. 1830-2300 DLY, 14 MAY 18:30 2014 UNTIL 09 JUN 23:00 2014 ESTIMATED. CREATED: 07 MAY 02:15 2014