Belgium Head Office Launched

As part of Palm Aviation’s strategy to maintain its proximity with it’s existing and potential clients the recently launched Belgium office will focus on the European and North American market. The volume of business flights within Europe is one of the highest in the world with traffic pulling in from the Middle East and North America.  The office will be carrying out over 10 years of experience in international trip planning and the highest quality standards connecting Palm Aviation even more on a global context.

Attention to Detail

There will be no compromise on the dedication and the attention to detail that the office will provide to our existing and potential clients. The office will manage communications more efficiently eliminating time zone barriers and enhancing the overall level of service in international trip planning.

Implementing the 3C Program:

- Compliance

The head office will be in full compliance with Palm Aviation’s dispatch and operations standards, with all the relevant intensive training programs that range from 3 to 6 months.

- Consistency

Through our standardized internal process and communication system we ensure consistency in the delivery of our service throughout our worldwide offices. We make sure that expectations are matched with the experience of the crew and passengers every time our services are requested. A flight handled through Palm Aviation is identical to the next, not only in the consistency of the level of service but through the dedication of our team to proactively run through a standard quality control checklist. This includes checking FIR’s, identifying alternative routs, monitoring the political situation (potential strikes), among others depending on the nature of the flight.

- Competitiveness

Our commitment to our customers is to deliver a superior level of service and to provide the best trip support experience at the most convenient industry rates. The approach is fully transparent from the minute we receive the request up until the final invoice. Our comprehensive vendor selection ensures that our clients are receiving the best service at the most competitive rates.

Belgium Office Location

Address: Lange Lozanastreet 266, 2018 Antwerp
Tel: +32 484 071000