Heading to the 2015 Dubai Airshow?


The 2015 Dubai Airshow will take place from 08 – 12 November at the Al Maktoum International Airport OMDW/DWC. The Dubai Airshow 2013 was the biggest show ever with 1,046 exhibitors from 60 countries, over 60,000 trade visitors, 1,735 international and regional media, and an order book of $206.1 billion – the largest in any air show history.

Flight Restrictions

Al Maktoum International Airport OMDW/DWC will be closed for all take-offs and landings for all Non-Airshow traffic during the following times (UTC):

Date Activity Close Open
04 – 06 Nov 2015 Practice 0600 0800
1100 1300
07 Nov 2015 Rehearsal 1000 1300
08 – 12 Nov 2015 Airshow 1000 1300

Non-Airshow traffic intending to depart OMDW shall plan to be airborne at least 15 minutes prior to the closure of the airport, therefore clearance to start and taxi should be requested in line with this time restriction.

Arriving flights with an ETA within 15 minutes prior to the time of closure may not be accepted.

Air Traffic Restrictions During Closure Times

Except for those aircraft participating in the Airshow and for the purpose of practicing and validating displays, OMDW will be closed for landings and take-offs for all aircraft during the closure times (See table above).

1. Arriving Traffic

a. Arriving traffic to OMDW should expect to hold at BUBIN or DESDI and will be issued Expected Approach Times (EAT) by Emirates ACC.

Departing Traffic

Traffic scheduled to depart during the Practice or Validation closures will have their startup delayed until reopening or immediately prior to reopening.

While display aircraft are carrying out practice or validation flights, other aircraft taxiing for departure will be held clear of the ‘Display Box’.

Training and VFR flights

a. IFR and / or VFR training flights will not be permitted in Dubai CTA during the practice, validation, rehearsal and Airshow times.


A Temporary Restricted Area will be established during the airport closure periods.

The Restricted area will be within a circle of radius 5 NM, centred on the midpoint of the Display Box 245325N 0551106E.

Display box enclosed within the following coordinates:

245423.23N 0551029.40E
245325.49N 0551214.28E
245227.84N 0551138.95E
245326.56N 0550951.78E
245423.23N 0551029.40E

The area will extend from the surface to 10,000 FT AMSL.

Slot Procedures

Dubai Airshow 2015 – Exhibitor Scheduling Requirements

Al Maktoum International Airport (OMDW) is designated as IATA Level 2 Airport. All exhibiting aircraft are therefore required to follow the scheduling procedures as mentioned below.


Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA) – Landing and traffic rights permission.

Airport Coordination Limited (ACL) – Coordinated Slot Authority.

Operators shall not be allowed to operate to or from OMDW without obtaining confirmed slots from Airport Coordination Limited (ACL).

ACL Slot Authority

Slot authority gives permission to operate at a specific date and a specific time and includes time on the ground. Slot times are on/off block times.

Slot requests for exhibitor’s aircraft will be processed after 01 September 2015, on a first come first served basis. All slot requests should be agreed and finalised by 01 November 2015.

Requests should be sent to ACL’s slot request email address as detailed below using the IATA SSIM chapter 6 format. If you are not accustomed to SSIM send a completed Slot Request Form to the email address below. Please be aware the manual processing times of the Slot Request Form may result in lower priority of slot allocation. All requests must include arrival and departure information.

When planning your flights, kindly avoid the following times. This will help ensure the effect of runway closures on daily scheduled operations is minimised and there will be a better chance of your requested times being confirmed (All times in UTC):

  • 04-06Nov2015
    • Arrivals: 0450 – 0905 and 0950 -1405.
    • Departures: 0440-0845 and 0940 -1345.
  • 07-12Nov2015
    • Arrivals: 0850 – 1405.
    • Departures: 0840 – 1345.

Hotel Offers During Dubai Airshow

  1. Media Rotana (4 Star): Classic Room AED 970
    • Prices are per room per night, Breakfast included
    • Service charge and tourism fee not included
  2. Gloria Hotel (4 Star): Suite 1 Bedroon AED 890
    • Prices are per room per night, Breakfast included
    • Service charge and tourism fee not included
  3. Suite By Novotel (3 Star): Suite Room AED 890
    • Prices are per room per night, Breakfast included
    • Service charge and tourism fee not included
  4. Ibis Al Barsha (3 Star): Standard Room AED 890
    • Prices are per room per night, Breakfast included
    • Service charge and tourism fee not included

Source Document AIP – UAE