Monaco – 2015 Formula 1 Grand Prix, May 21st – 24th

As every year the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Monaco is an event long awaited by many enthusiasts. Marking its way into the French Riviera, the Grand Prix Monaco will be held from May 21st till May 24th 2015. If you are planning on operating a trip to attend the Grand Prix, kindly take into account the below considerations as there will be parking, hotel, and slot challenges during this period in the major airports such as LFMN and LFMD.

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Preparing Your Checklist

The primary points on your checklist include the parking, the slot, PPR, and the hotel accommodations for your crew. As the term says “the sooner the better” and for this event, planning as early as possible allows you to get the preferred slot time and parking availability for your trip.

Parking is quite expensive during this period especially in LFMN for longer stays, slots are quite restrictive and revisions must be pre-approved. Hotel accommodations depend on the length of stay; usually for your crew most hotels in Monaco will require you to up your budget for the trips as most hotels are at their peak during this period.

Palm Aviation has liaised with a local partner to manage getting the best hotel availability and rates for your crew, including premium transportation not only from the airport, but also to the event and back.

Apply Your Request Early

Permission, parking, and slots are granted based on a first-come basis, and each revision is treated as a new request, which takes you back to the start. Be extra careful when submitting your schedule and ensure that the passenger is well aware about this procedure.

LFMD Restrictions

The major restrictions of LFMD are the length of the runway which comes to approx. 1,610-meter (5,282-feet) and a maximum takeoff weight limit of 22 metric tons. LFMD is an AOE with airport hours from 0800-sunset local during the summer season and 0800-2000 local during the winter season. No airport extension is possible in LFMD. During the period between May 13th – 26th all business flights must obtain prior slots, and pre-approved parking.

LFMN Restrictions

LFMN is an AOE operating on 24 hours. As LFMD slots, pre-approved parking for the period May 13th – 26th. Obtaining a slot approval does not mean that parking has been approved this is issued separately through a PPR permission number which must be placed in Section 18 of your Computerized Flight Plan (CFP). Another major consideration during the period is fuel, during this season it is common to have fuel shortages and for that we highly advise operators to have crew fuel upon arrival just in case a shortage occurs. The best alternative station to refuel are LIMJ and LFML.

Hold Aircraft and Crew Documents At All Times

Operators must ensure that operating crew hold copies of their licenses, ID’s, and medical certificates which would be a requirement for high screening and security measures taken during this period. Also the standard aircraft documents such as the AOC, the airworthiness certificate, the noise certificate, the insurance, etc.

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