Operating to Istanbul, Turkey?

Istanbul has been the forefront of GA traffic in Turkey from both the European and the Middle Eastern market. The traffic to Turkey as a middle point between the Middle East and Europe has increased significantly over the past few years. With the increase flow of traffic there are few considerations to take before operating to Turkey focus Istanbul listed below.


Both LTBA and LTFJ are AOE’s operating 24 hours. CIQ and immigration facilities are available and both airports are fairly close to central Istanbul. As a first option LTBA would be your preferred choice as it is the closest to the center of Istanbul and has more facilities to support GA business. LTBA generally does not accept non-scheduled commercial or cargo flights and can give more room for flexible slot approvals, whereas LTFJ accepts all GA aircraft. Parking however is more of an issue in LTBA than LTFJ due to airport regulations to control congestion; it may be advisable to consider LTFJ for parking and LTBA as a drop of for your passengers.

LTBA Restrictions

Airport slots are required for LTBA, slots are valid more or less by 20 minutes from the scheduled arrival. All slots must be applied with the airport slot coordinator that comes in conjunction with the landing permit. Due to congestion LTBA may not be your preferred option for parking, as normally it does not get approved. With our previous record of flights to Turkey there are exceptions that can be made depending on the nature of the flight. Tech stops are restricted; exceptions can be made on a case-by-case basis. There are Hangar facilities in this airport.

LTFJ Restrictions

Airport slots are also required at LTFJ with the same validity of more or less 20 minutes from the actual schedule. Prior Permission Required (PPR) is required for all aircraft operating to LTFJ with a 48 prior notice requirements. There are no Hangar facilities in this airport.

Turkey Landing Permit Requirement

Turkey landing permit requires three working days as a standard, however exceptions can be made to get the landing approval within 24 hours from the date of arrival. The following information is required by the Turkish CAA for issuing the landing permit:

  • Aircraft Operator Certificate (AOC)
  • Aircraft Airworthiness Certificate
  • Noise Certificate
  • Schedule
  • Pax & Crew Information
  • Insurance Certificate

Should you require further information for your next trip to Turkey, kindly contact our 24/7 operations team on fltops@palmaviation.aero