Update – Indian Visa Information & Current NOTAMS

Indian Visa Information and Current NOTAMS

Crew Visa Information

 Immigration Authorities of India have stopped issuing Indian Visa on arrival to all crew member at ALL airport in India regardless of their nationality.
To avoid such issues – Crew members are advised to obtain valid Indian Visa (Business Visa) prior to arrival to India.
Indian Visa is NOT required (at all airport) if the aircraft is operating to drop or pick-up Pax while departing India within 1-2hours.
Please be advised that as per recent Guidelines of C.A.A, VISA (T.L.P. valid for 72 Hours only) may be obtained for Flight’s Crew Members for Following Category only

- If Air Worthiness Certificate shows the Category of Aircraft ‘Private’.
- Ambulance Flight.
- V.I.P Flight, which clearance is done through Diplomatic channel
- Scheduled Carrier.
- I.T.P. Tourist Charter Flight
- Flight Diverted due to any Emergency or Technical Snags in Aircraft.

VIDP: Visa can be obtained upon Arrival valid for 72 hours subject to Immigrations Duty Officer approval

**No Crew Visa is required for Technical landing i.e for refueling, as long as crew remains on board the A/C

**Crew VISA upon Arrival depends totally upon FRRO approval**

Indian Airports Current NOTAMs

 VABB Airport Daily NOTAM
0230 – 0430UTC (No Landing/Take-Off permitted for Non-Scheduled Flight)
1200 – 1400UTC (No Landing/Take-Off Permitted For Non-Schedule Flight)
1545 – 1745UTC (Take-Off permitted but Landing is restricted)
2200 – 2230UTC (Landing/Take-Off restricted due to Runway Inspection)

VASU Airport Opening Hours (Domestic Airport)
0130 – 0400UTC // 0800 – 1230UTC & 1330 – 1530UTC (Monday to Friday)
0130 – 0400UTC & 1330 – 1530UTC (Saturday & Sunday)

0300 – 0730 UTC (Monday – Friday)
1330 – 1600 UTC (Tuesday & Thursday)
0930 – 1030 UTC & 1130 – 1230 UTC (Daily except Sunday)

VOGO is a military airfield. // 12-15 days required to obtain VOGO landing permission

Sunday (ONLY)
0430 – 0800UTC